August 17, 2016


For an article asking former valedictorians about their experiences and speeches. For Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. (With inks.)

August 11, 2016

All Together

For an essay entitled "Close to Everyone" in Strategy & Business. 

April 2, 2016

Old Money Versus New Money

For the Hollywood Reporter

January 8, 2016

Demise of the DVD

For Variety magazine. An illustration about the impending extinction of the DVD.

Watch Obsession

For the Hollywood Reporter. An illustration about mechanical watch obsession. 

The Future of Television

For the Hollywood Reporter about the future of television. 

King Kong

An illustration for the Hollywood Reporter (with ink work).

Nuclear China

For Barron's. An article about China's nuclear program. 

New Year Predictions

For Minnesota Monthly.

Live Head

For Cincinnati Magazine's Dr. Know column. An illustration about department store holiday promotions of the past. In the late 1800's a local store advertised a live human head. The Santa is a reference to the great Thomas Nast.