January 29, 2013

Society of Illustrators

I'm honored that my illustration about short-term relief was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 55th Annual Exhibition in the Editorial category. The original will be on display in the Society's show during the month of February and it will be printed in the Editorial category of the annual book. If you'll be in New York feel free to stop by and check it out.

Many thanks to SooJin Buzelli at Plansponsor for art directing and giving me the freedom to approach the piece in a more personal way.

Dr. Know Illustrations

Here are a couple of recent illustrations for the Dr. Know column in Cincinnati Magazine. 
The first is about the history of a landmark called the Elsinore Arch and the mysterious stairway that rises up behind it. The stairs used to have a link to the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History. 

The second illustration is about the flags being perpetually at half-mast on the Kentucky side of the Roebling bridge. 

I've included the sketches so you can see a bit of how my conceptual process works. These are the sketches I submitted to the client, so they don't include all the scribbling and rejected concepts that I edit out beforehand.