January 29, 2013

Dr. Know Illustrations

Here are a couple of recent illustrations for the Dr. Know column in Cincinnati Magazine. 
The first is about the history of a landmark called the Elsinore Arch and the mysterious stairway that rises up behind it. The stairs used to have a link to the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History. 

The second illustration is about the flags being perpetually at half-mast on the Kentucky side of the Roebling bridge. 

I've included the sketches so you can see a bit of how my conceptual process works. These are the sketches I submitted to the client, so they don't include all the scribbling and rejected concepts that I edit out beforehand. 


  1. Wow- that's alot of sketches! How do you move to final? Re-draw the whole thing or implement a lightbox? As usual, the illustrations are amazing.

    1. Thanks Sam!
      I'm glad you liked the illustrations and the sketches. I generally do a lot of sketching just to develop the concepts. The ideas usually don't come immediately to me, rather I start simply and slowly and try to make some friction between ideas and grow them organically. (Sorry for the mixed metaphors!)
      I redraw the final while looking at the sketch in front of me, trying to keep the spontaneity while clarifying essential details. Sometimes for a color piece I'll work everything out on tracing paper then trace it on the final because paper is much less forgiving than the scratchboard I use for a lot of assignments.
      Thanks for asking. Happy Drawing!