April 19, 2013

No Gurls Allowed

For the Dr. Know column in Cincinnati magazine. The Cincinnati Athletic Club has recently allowed women to join. A reader asks where he can get a female-free hour or two, and is roundly ridiculed for his antiquated "No Gurls Allowed" clubhouse attitude.

April 3, 2013

Will The Postage Rate Hike Kill Independent Record Labels?

According to the labels, probably not. I've also attached some sketches. The deadline was tight so sketching was quick. For the Citypages.

Controlling Kid's Computer Use - Revisited

This was for a follow-up article in the Wall Street Journal Sunday edition about a mother setting rules for her daughter's computer use. Readers wrote in with their own experiences and suggestions on how to tame the computer distractions in an engaged and thoughtful way.

Here is the illustration for the original article:

Therapy Art and Science

An illustration about the positive effects of a research-based approach to therapy, yet many therapists use a more unstructured, artistic approach that is less effective. I've also included the sketches for a taste of the creative (and sometimes ugly) process. For the New York Times.