August 16, 2015

Society of Illustrators Annual 57

I'm pleased to announce that my illustration for "The Tallest Doll in New York City" was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 57th annual exhibit and book. Many thanks to Art Director Irene Gallo at for giving me the opportunity to illustrate such an original short story about skyscraper romance on Valentine's day.

Circus Elephants

A Dr. Know illustration about the cruel treatment of circus elephants, specifically during the 1800s by the John Robinson Circus.

Kitty at the Bat

An illustration for the Dr. Know column about one of the Cincinnati Reds' first night games. The crowd overflowed onto the field. A woman named Kitty Burke emerged from the heckling crowd and took a turn at bat. 

Republic Street

An illustration for the Dr. Know column in Cincinnati Magazine about how a street sign came to be misspelled. A gentleman from The Streets Department didn't know how it happened, so this was my interpretation.